The Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN)

IGEN is a consortium of Illinois community colleges working together to share resources, common experiences and best practices to help grow the new green economy. Through this unique platform, they have recently developed 32 online, open-source green career degree and certification programs.

IGEN is working to:

Sustainability Areas

Sustainable Food

Sustainably produced, locally grown food is fresher, healthier and better-tasting.


Responding to economic opportunities created by the green economy.

Water Resources

Maintaining reliable supplies for drinking, agriculture, industry and transportation.


Working to make transportation in Illinois cleaner, greener and more efficient.


Generating electricity from solar, wind, geothermal and water resources.

Building Sciences

Building and improving sustainable, healthy spaces to save energy, costs, and resources.

Natural Resources

Conserving resources such as water, soil, and fossil fuels while regenerating damaged systems.


Increasing economic development by reducing, recycling, reusing and composting waste.

Success Stories

IGEN Dashboard

IGEN is implementing a real-time analytics program to measure energy consumption and efficiency on Illinois community college campuses. IGEN’s state-wide dashboard monitors energy use and impact across the state. Learn more about IGEN Measure of Success and how you can support or participate in the program.

Affiliate Spotlight

Clay Sterling, Kankakee Community College

Describe your role at Kankakee Community College and where you see the greatest need or opportunity for the college and your students.


I have recently accepted a position at Kankakee Community College (KCC) as an instructor in the electrical technology program to train students in renewable energy technology. KCC offers a 2-year Electrical Technology AAS with a Renewable Energy focus track and three renewable energy certificate options. The program features hands-on labs with real-world hardware and a local installation project at the end of each semester, either at KCC or in the Kankakee area. The main goal of the program is to prepare students to work safely and smartly in growing renewable energy fields.

Learn More


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