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Success Stories

Recycling Cans

KCC is one of the first schools to offer an important new 6 credit hour, online Sustainable Resource Management (SRM) Certificate program. Graduates will be eligible to take the new nationally accredited Illinois State SRM certification exam. Seven KCC graduates have already taken the course and are all employed in the field of waste management. […]

Reclaimed Lumber

Illinois Central College developed a certificate program for deconstruction to teach students what to salvage, recycle, or throw away. The program consists of four courses, to be completed during one semester, in classroom, online, or a combination format. The final course is an internship with a local business, working on a deconstruction project.

Automotive Recycling

“I impress upon my students to think outside the box and consider the opportunities there are for starting their own business in recycling while still using what they learning form their auto technology degree.”