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Success Stories

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The Biofuels Manufacturing (BFM) Technology AAS degree at Carl Sandburg College provides students with a challenging curriculum and a comprehensive introduction to the fast growing field of biofuels manufacturing.

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Southeastern Illinois College aims to provide students with a better understanding of the ethanol and biodiesel industry through a certificate program in biofuels. Since the program’s beginning in 2011, 54 students have taken classes or earned the certificate. Many students are already working in the industry.

Biofuel Facility

Christine Brockinton and Ellie Antova are two non-traditional students who are part of the 54 who have completed Biofuels Technology & Sustainability Certificate at Southeastern Illinois College and are now working in the industry.

Automotive Recycling

“I impress upon my students to think outside the box and consider the opportunities there are for starting their own business in recycling while still using what they learning form their auto technology degree.”