PortionPac Sustainable Cleaning Systems

PortionPac is one of the first Illinois-based companies to embrace and promote sustainability internally and throughout the state. PortionPac manufactures highly concentrated, pre-measured cleaning products that reduce the resources used throughout the lifecycle of production, storage, distribution and disposal, minimize the adverse effects of chemicals on the environment, and eliminate the unsafe and ineffective habits of traditional cleaning procedures.

PortionPac is a premiere choice for companies and organizations seeking LEED certification, greener cleaning strategies or just interested in the health and cost benefits of a more sustainable approach to cleaning in general. In addition to their many Green Seal certified products, PortionPac provides businesses with customized environmental cleaning strategies—putting them ahead of legislation, the competition and the sustainability curve.

PortionPac_ProductsPortionPac is pleased to partner with the IGEN network to work with a host college interested in exploring the benefits of PortionPac through a Feasibility Study. This is a short term, small scale implementation of the PortionPac program. The following is a synopsis of how PortionPac would implement a product evaluation of the program on your campus:

• Site visit of building(s) on campus identified prior to study to understand the cleaning requirements of the building and number of cleaning personnel assigned. This will help determine the quantity of product required for the working days designated during the evaluation (typically 15-20 days).

• Meeting with Management to determine goals and objectives prior to the installation of the program.

• PortionPac will provide at no cost: all product, a set of color matched application bottles for each custodian, MSDS and bilingual Mixing and Use Charts.

• PortionPac will provide education for the custodial staff at a kick-off event about product use, safety information and on-site troubleshooting.

• PortionPac will perform periodic follow-up visits (at least once weekly) throughout the study to provide additional education and hands-on instruction as needed.

• At the end of the study, custodians will complete comment cards on their experience, which are included in a final report.

Due to the hands-on nature of the feasibility study, we are seeking an Illinois Community College that is within a 2 hour driving range of downtown Chicago, which is where PortionPac is located.
Interested colleges should complete the initial site survey. Once we review your survey we will contact you for a follow up assessment with PortionPac to answer any questions and ascertain if a feasibility study on your campus is possible.