BuildingIQ and Connexion Energy-Saving Solution

The Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) is partnering with BuildingIQ and Connexion, as part of the technology test drive program, to pilot an energy-saving solution at Illinois community colleges, which could reduce heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) energy consumption by 10-25%, as well as add points towards a LEED rating. BuildingIQ builds services and solutions based on a core set of technologies incorporated into its platform and methodology, which helps building owners and operators lower energy use and increase building operations efficiency and tenant comfort. Connexion is one of the preeminent electrical equipment and energy services providers in the Midwest, providing a wide array of electrical products, flexible logistical services, and energy efficiency and clean energy business solutions.

BuildingIQ’s Predictive Energy Optimization (PEO), an advanced, cloud-based software, is the first energy management solution to intelligently predict and manage energy demand in buildings without the need for manual intervention. It directly adjusts HVAC system parameters, optimizing energy consumption with advanced algorithms. PEO communicates directly with the building management system to automatically reduce energy consumption and costs, while maintaining or improving occupant comfort. At the core of PEO is a sophisticated model that learns a building’s thermal behavior and energy performance capability, then adapts to changes in internal and external conditions. BuildingIQ’s PEO is the only system available that factors in historical performance, weather forecasts, changing occupancy patterns, energy prices, and demand-response events to minimize energy consumption and peak demand for building owners and operators.

Benefits of BuildingIQ include:

  • Save money by significantly reducing energy expenses.
  • Ensure occupant comfort at all times.
  • Automate demand-response events and avoid peak-day pricing penalties by shifting usage.
  • Increase the building’s ENERGY STAR, LEED, or NABERS ratings.
  • Improve property valuation by increasing net operating income.
  • Free up engineering resources through automated, real-time monitoring of HVAC operations.

BuildingIQ commits the energy savings generated will be greater than the cost of the annual subscription. Colleges will be cash-flow positive starting in the first year. The pilot program will be launched in September 2016 and run for one year.

Please stay tuned for updates, including an informational webinar, within the next few months.

For more information, please contact Katie Davis.

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