IGEN and Sustainability Partners Announce $50 Million for Infrastructure Upgrades at Illinois Community Colleges Through Sustainability-as-a-Service Offerings

On March 23, 2017, during the IGEN Sustainability Conference, IGEN announced that it had signed a Master Sustainability-as-a-ServiceTM agreement with Sustainability Partners LLC on behalf of all IGEN member institutions. As part of the agreement, Sustainability Partners has agreed to earmark up to $50 million to deliver energy- and water-efficiency sustainability upgrades as a service to IGEN member colleges.

Under this innovative public-private partnership, IGEN members and Sustainability Partners identify opportunities to improve performance, lower cost, eliminate maintenance, and increase the sustainability of campus operations. The college and Sustainability Partners then create installation-specific agreements to deliver those improvements as a service.

The colleges get improved infrastructure at zero cost and no risk without having to invest capital upfront, increase debt, or take on any long-term obligation. Sustainability Partners acts as a utility by paying for all costs of designing, procuring, implementing, commissioning, operating, maintaining, and eventually refreshing infrastructure upgrades and simply charging a metered usage fee.

“Illinois community colleges came together to establish IGEN to promote education in sustainability and enable member colleges to operate more sustainably,” said Dr. Jerry Weber, IGEN Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the IGEN Presidents’ Steering Committee. “This initiative with Sustainability Partners leverages private capital resources and streamlines procurement processes to enable IGEN member colleges to make significant strides in improving sustainability while protecting and creating more jobs in the Illinois green economy.”

“We look forward to partnering with IGEN’s member colleges. The modernization of their infrastructure and elimination of their deferred maintenance will create more effective facilities for students, staff, and taxpayers. Under this agreement, Sustainability Partners will replace the old, unreliable, and inefficient with state-of-the-art new. The colleges fully taking advantage of this will have the lowest cost and most advanced sustainable campuses in the world.” said Thomas Cain, CEO of Sustainability Partners LLC.

Dr. Karen Hunter Anderson, executive director of the Illinois Community College Board added, “Not only will this program address acute needs to tackle deferred maintenance, it will enable community colleges to make limited capital budgets go further with investments most closely aligned with the core educational mission – without seeking state funds, increasing debt, raising taxes, or charging students more.”

IGEN and Sustainability Partners aim to deploy at least $25 million in the first twelve months of the public-private partnership.

For more information, please review the following:

  • Download/view an overview of Sustainability Partners.
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  • Download/view Sustainability Partners’ presentation from the 2017 IGEN Sustainability Conference.

If your college is interested in this opportunity, please contact Tim Long, IGEN SaaS Initiative Director, at and/or (202) 256-6369.

About Sustainability Partners LLC:
Focusing on high economic impact products, Sustainability Partners acquires, installs, maintains, and upgrades this infrastructure with no upfront cost, minimums, or multi-year commitments, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced operating expenses for institutions served. Sustainability Partners operates in cities, counties, states, hospitals, K-12, and universities across the U.S. with representatives nationwide. Founded in Silicon Valley and funded by Wall Street, please contact Sustainability Partners at For more information, please visit: