Measure of Success Energy Dashboard

Technician by Solar Panels

To conserve energy resources, IGEN is implementing a real-time analytics program to measure energy consumption and efficiency on Illinois community college campuses.

IGEN’s vision for the program is to integrate all campus building and operation systems with real-time energy dashboards, as well as an aggregated IGEN state-wide dashboard, to monitor energy use and impact across the state.

The IGEN Measure of Success program has already helped to:

  • Complete an energy use analysis of all Illinois community colleges to provide a statistical baseline.
  • Fund energy metering projects on campuses across the state.
  • Support the on-campus installation of real-time energy dashboards with the help of Ensol and LUCID.
  • Install 15 on-campus solar or solar thermal units that can be metered by the dashboard.

With Measure of Success, facility managers will be able to access and share information and best practices within their own college systems as well as with colleagues across the state.

For IGEN, this means the ability to measure results and gather data on energy usage, renewable energy generated and energy demand reduction. Measure of Success allows IGEN to use campuses as living laboratories in support of state energy reduction goals.

To help support this important project, please contact IGEN’s Executive Director, Stephen Bell, at or donate.  Project donors are recognized for their support.