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Student Job Prospects From Triton College’s Sustainable Food Production Program

Regina Milkovich, a student in Triton College’s new online Sustainable Food Production certificate program, couldn’t be happier with her job prospects. Since entering the program back in January, she said she has found plenty of opportunities for collaboration, internships and jobs in the sustainable food system. There are many jobs beyond growing food in the sustainable food system, as organic and local food production requires a higher skilled specialized labor force that is driven through consumer demand. Her opportunities have included two local food retailers, a community-supported agricultural program, two edible landscaping companies, restaurant with a rooftop garden, a cooperative grocery, and a community garden group.

“The only difficulty I have is making the right choice financially since I am a non-traditional part-time student working a full-time and part-time job,” Milkovich said. She said the connections she has made so far are invaluable. “Being a part of the certification program has given me a stamp of seriousness I would not have otherwise had, even with my collective efforts,” Milkovich added. “I am truly excited about what the future holds, my growth in knowledge of sustainable food production, building relationships, and finding my patch!”

The online Sustainable Food Production certificate at Triton College focuses on the current policy challenges and reform of the food system to promote community health and the environment. There are five online courses required to complete the certificate. Working professionals in other career fields with an interest in Sustainable Food Production, such as Regina, can take one class a semester or some full time students have completed all five courses in one semester. Triton added the Sustainable Food Production certificate program through a Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Sustainable Food Production online certificate
SAT 100 Principles of Agroecology- 3 credits
SAT 105 Urban Agricultural Issues- 3 credits
SAT 210 Sustainable Plant Production for Human Nutrition- 3 credits
SAT 220 Designing Food Production Systems in Urban Landscapes- 1 credit
SAT 230 Managing Food Production Systems in the Urban Environment- 3 credits
TOTAL 13 credits

Three online courses will be offered in the Fall 2015 and no matter your home address you can receive in-district tuition rates of $108 per credit hour. For more information contact Benjamin Newton TAA Grant Coordinator Sustainable Agriculture or Thomas Elsey Horticulture Coordinator or