Success Stories


James first heard about the ELP through Ameren and was glad the program was there. As he worked toward BPI Certification, James needed to practice for the field portion of the examination. James turned to the Equipment Loan Program to borrow a set of equipment at which he needed proficiency.

Solar Panel Technicians (Students)

Heartland Community College has expanded its HVACR program, including geothermal, solar thermal, and sustainable energy classes. The program also added certificates in Building Controls Skills and sustainable Energy Systems, as well as a degree in Sustainable Energy Systems.

Calvin Ccintosh

A local Marine veteran, Calvin McIntosh, found a future in a green career, through College of Lake County’s HVAC/R program. CLC’s HVAC/R program is part of their Green Facilities Management Program.

Light Installation

Five Illinois community colleges are installing almost 900 energy-efficient outdoor lights this spring with the help of a grant arranged through the Illinois Green Economy Network. The new LED fixtures will provide brighter light and save an estimated 615,080 kilowatt hours, or more than $68,000 a year.

HVAC Technician

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done without that program being all that it is”, says Belford. With a sudden career change, Belford completed the program and is now working in the field.

Fresh Produce in a Wheelbarrow

Lincoln Land Community College developed a four course certificate program/ in value-added local food. The curricula teaches creative cooking with locally produced food as well as explores new entrepreneurial opportunities. This provides area farmers with the resources needed to either develop new businesses or find business partners in sustainable food production. The Value-Added program has […]

Green House

Due to the Sustainable Food Production certificate program at Triton College, student Regina Milkovich couldn’t be happier with her job prospects. Participation in the program has provided Milkovich with many opportunities for collaboration, internships, and jobs. The program focuses on current policy challenges and reform of the food system to promote community health and the environment.

Marina Garcia

One of the programs that helped was IGEN Career Pathways, which used the NTER Learning System for the Plant Propagation course. This online education environment was a great tool for turning in homework, watching course related videos, and having a discussions with classmates.

Deb Figura

“One of my passions in life has always been the plant world. Getting paid to do what one loves is an added bonus. Working at the College of Lake County will help me keep up-to-date on current trends, use my degrees, and encourage me to learn even more from my work experience with instructors, staff, and students.”

Lettuce in a Farmers Field

“We are very proud of what our students have achieved and appreciate the support from Career Pathways, most of our students have jobs or internships before even completing a certificate,” says Ben Newton, Sustainable Agriculture Grant Coordinator.