Success Stories


How the Equipment Loan Program Helped BPI Candidate James Dawson

James Dawson, Comfort Advisor at Pass One Hour HVAC, knows well the advantage of energy auditing and how it benefits consumers, who realize savings through properly performed testing. His employer wanted to offer energy auditing service to its customers and James was selected to become qualified. He found the Illinois Home Performance Equipment Loan Program (IHPELP) to be quite useful as he was preparing to take the BPI Certification test.

James first heard about the ELP through Ameren and was glad the program was there. As he worked toward BPI Certification, James needed to practice for the field portion of the examination. James turned to the ELP to borrow a set of equipment at which he needed proficiency. The set included a combustion analyzer, gas leak detector, blower door, exhaust fan, flow meter, pressure pans and flow kit. The kit had everything necessary for practice and he was able to use the equipment for 6 days.

Having BPI Certified employees helps Pass One extend energy auditing services to area customers which the team performs regularly on HVAC systems. Francis Pass, part owner and general manager of Pass One found the Energy Equipment Loan Program to be very beneficial for his employees and expressed, “The IHPELP helps us maintain well qualified employees who install optimized systems for customers. These systems greatly reduce energy costs while at the same time, increases comfort level and conserves energy.”

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