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Advanced CNC Programming Certificate

The CNC Machining Certificate (054P) prepares students to set-up and operates Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools.  This includes 3 axis vertical mills and 2 axis turning centers.  The certificate provides experience in setting work offsets, tool length offsets and operating HAAS CNC equipment.  The courses transition to programming CNC machine tools using G and […]

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Advanced Welding Manufacturing Certificate

The Advanced Welding Manufacturing certificate consists of two courses consisting of welding automation and robotic welding (10 semester hours). Students will have career opportunities as a welder, welding technician, fitter, layout people, or welding technician. Contact: Kevin Corrigan 618-7970-7423

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Biofuels Manufacturing Technology A.A.S.

The Biofuels Manufacturing Technology program is intended for students who desire to become professional technicians qualified for employment in the renewable energy and/or manufacturing sectors.  The technical components of the program prepare the graduate for employment as operating or technicians in the field of biodiesel production, wet and dry ethanol production, waste and water treatment, […]

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