Green Careers

Certificates and Degrees

Career Pathway programs prepare students for specific industry sector careers by combining quality classroom education with hands-on training and experience.

Illinois is a recognized leader in the development of Career Pathways. The state-wide Illinois Pathways Program demonstrates Illinois’ leadership in the creation and support of Career Pathways and the importance of linking secondary and post-secondary education and training opportunities. Educators, workforce leaders and local employers work together to create programs for both high schools and colleges to address current and future workforce needs within Illinois and the development of its economy.

Within the framework of Career Pathways, the IGEN Career Pathways Consortium has created or re-designed over 30 green industry certificate and degree programs at 17 Illinois community colleges. Courses within these programs were created using open-source materials and intended to be shared as a free resource for other educational institutions or programs.

College faculty and staff who are interested in exploring course content can access these materials through a repository created by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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