Implementing Behavior Change for Energy Efficiency Conference

The Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) held its third annual Implementing Behavior Change for Energy Efficiency Conference on April 10, 2014 at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois. An estimated 70 attendees included representatives from higher education institutions, energy goods/services providers, utility companies, and more. The purpose of the conference was to provide attendees with usable and applicable resources to implement behavior change for energy efficiency in their institutions and organizations.

The conference was facilitated by Joseph Clair, P.E., Group Leader, Commissioning Studio dbHMS. Joseph provided an introduction to the conference, followed by two small group activities. Attendees were asked to define behavior change for energy efficiency, and then identify the top five things an institution/organization can do to impact behavior change for energy efficiency. A member of the planning committee, Elias Boyer, presented The Short List: The Most Effective Actions Community Colleges and Other Non-Residential Campuses Can Take to Be More Energy Efficient, after which attendees worked to fill in the gaps and add to the Short List.

The afternoon session focused on strategic storytelling for behavior change for energy efficiency, led by Melinda Epler, Chief Experience Officer, Mazzetti. Attendees were able to develop and communicate their stories and receive feedback from their groups.

The conference concluded with a service project focused on energy efficiency kits for members of a local community. The Village Administrator of Robbins, Ernestine Beck-Fulgham, attended the conference and accepted the kits on behalf of the Village of Robbins.

The conference evoked many collaborative discussions about how we can engage in, implement, and achieve viable behavior change initiatives, programs, and policies that result in long-term, widespread energy efficiency actions and practices by individuals and institutions/organizations across the state of Illinois. Thank you to all that participated.

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