Steering Committee

Dear friends and supporters of IGEN:

Thank you for your interest in IGEN. We appreciate your support of our efforts to encourage the growth of the green economy in all 39 Illinois community college districts.

As co-chairs, we are honored to work alongside an exceptional group of college presidents, faculty, staff and partners. Together, we are committed to sharing resources, common experiences and best practices. For the past 8 years, we have had a significant impact on the colleges we serve – helping them to reduce their environmental impact while creating jobs and making their communities more resilient.

Our accomplishments are changing the culture of environmental awareness on our campuses and deepening the understanding of the connection between our behavior and the impact we have on our environment.

Our work reaches across the state of Illinois.  We are responsible for:

  • Creating events that bring together faculty, staff and business leaders for focused interaction on topics from campus water conservation to behavior change for energy efficiency.
  • Organizing state-wide competitions for college students and staff that focus on water and energy demand reduction.
  • Assisting colleges in retrofitting outdated infrastructure with new energy efficient technology.
  • Leading programs to install energy meters and energy dashboards on college campuses.
  • Connecting communities with smart grid consumer education programs.
  • Offering free green job training programs.
  • Developing green career degree and certificate programs.

Thanks to the hard work, passion and dedication of our community college faculty and staff, we have never been in a better position to widen our impact.

Please join us as a member, partner or supporter as we continue to reach out and grow.


The Presidents’ Steering Committee

IGEN Presidents’ Steering Committee Members