Resilient Communities

resilient-communities_coverResilience is the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. Resilient communities are those that can adapt, evolve and prosper no matter what happens. This can include climate change, water shortages and other environmental issues as well as societal factors such as overpopulation.

The Illinois community colleges can be key in developing and maintaining resiliency in their communities.  As a local workforce developer and educator, they are on the forefront of engaging area residents, developing sustainable strategies, creating green curricula and researching best practices. Deeply embedded throughout all the communities in Illinois, our schools are perfectly positioned to provide the leadership, training and resources needed to prepare for and respond to local disasters.

IGEN is working hard to connect the sustainability movement and the concept of resilient communities with our community colleges. We work with the local municipalities to help position them as economically and environmentally vibrant centers of self-reliance.

We are pleased to promote A Guide to Climate Resiliency and The Community College, released by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), Sustainability Education and Economic Development (SEED) Center and the Center on Wisconsin Strategies (COWS). This is an essential resource for how to address the impacts of climate change, extreme weather and other emergencies through the community colleges.

Case Studies

See how Community Colleges are helping to create Resilient Communities

  • Energy: From Efficiency to Resiliency
  • Emergency Response: On Ports, Preparedness, and Workforce Development
  • Urban Planning and Green Infrastructure: The Community as Living Laboratory
  • Health: Resilient Workers, Resilient Systems
  • Cross-Sector Resiliency: A Consortium for Student Success and Career Advancement

Chicago Climate Action Plan

The Chicago Climate Action Plan offers an ambitious mitigation strategy combined with a smaller selection of adaptation measures. Responding directly to scientific and economic projections describing various possible scenarios of the city’s climate future, the plan pivots quickly from a dire global prognosis to the promise of immediate improvements in local standards of living. The plan and progress reports are available at www.chicagoclimateaction.org