About IGEN

IGEN Team Photo

In 2008, a small group of Illinois community college presidents and college staff from across the state built a platform for collaboration to drive the growth of the green economy in Illinois. The Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN), a consortium of Illinois community colleges, serves all interested schools across the state sharing resources, common experiences, best practices and curricula.

This unique approach leverages the power of a sustainability network while utilizing the deep community connections of individual colleges. IGEN provides a platform to expand the deployment of clean energy technologies, increase employment opportunities, improve environmental and human health, foster community engagement and accelerate market competitiveness.

Today, IGEN remains a platform for collaboration. Through the Four C’s – Campuses, Careers, Curriculum and Community – we are:

  1. Serving all Illinois community college campuses. Utilizing campuses, as living labs, can showcase the success of new technologies as well as provide a central location for meetings and information resources.
  2. Opening the doors to new careers. Encouraging the development of new opportunities and expanding/updating the pathways to existing careers.
  3. Developing new curriculum. Helping to develop hands-on training as well as classroom learning programs and degrees to meet growing needs.
  4. Developing strong resilient communities. Connecting the sustainability movement with the concept of resilient communities, we strive to build communities that can adapt and evolve along with the dynamic changes taking place today.