About IGEN

The Illinois Green Economy Network (IGEN) is a consortium of Illinois community colleges working to grow the green economy of Illinois. IGEN’s unique statewide cooperative approach leverages the power of a sustainability network with the deep community connections of individual colleges to expand deployment of clean energy technologies, increase employment opportunities, improve environmental and human health, foster community engagement, and accelerate market competitiveness.

IGEN's mission is to provide a platform for collaboration among all Illinois community colleges and their partners to drive growth of the green economy.

IGEN's vision is the Illinois Community College System as a global leader in transforming education and the economy for a sustainable future.

IGEN has five core values:

  • Curate information, relationships, tools, and resources to ensure that Illinois community colleges and allies have access to and can leverage the best sustainability efforts across Illinois and nationally.
  • Connect Illinois community colleges, college employees, community leaders, environmental advocates, and sustainability professionals.
  • Catalyze action among and between colleges and their colleagues in environmental advocacy, industry, policy leaders, and the general public.
  • Disseminate promising practices, sustainability guidance, and support for the green economy.
  • Aggregate efforts across the community colleges to create greater collective impact.

IGEN is a community college president-led initiative, overseen by the Presidents' Steering Committee. The Presidents' Steering Committee approves the strategic direction of the network and provides ongoing leadership and oversight for the IGEN administrative team and all participating members.

IGEN Presidents' Steering Committee Members: