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Harper College ReUseIt Room


Harper College has started a program to collect and redistribute reusable office supplies among employees and departments. Harper’s campus is going through renovations and department moves and with these moves comes a lot of cleaning out and getting rid of unwanted items. This new waste management program saves office supplies of all shapes and sizes from being doomed to a life in the landfill.

A room on Harper’s campus has been designated as the office supply exchange space. The ReUseIt Room opened at the start of the 2016 fall semester and is available to all employees. Employees can access the room during normal business hours and are encouraged to utilize this free resource before purchasing new items.

Within the first two weeks of the ReUseIt Room being open, over 1200 items had been reused. Items in the room include everything from 3-ring binders, to dry erase markers, to tape dispensers, to desk organizers. The office supply exchange was started to reduce waste to landfill and also to save money by reusing first before purchasing new items. The ReUseIt Room is continuing to make a big impact.