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Waubonsee Community College Earth Week 2016


Waubonsee Community College celebrated Earth Week 2016 with an entire week of activities. Activities included, a day of service to restore the environment, a presentation on how to be more sustainable at home, an electronics recycling event, and more.

  • On Saturday, April 16, we held a Day of Service, where 125 students volunteered at
    seven different locations in our community, doing outdoor restoration and cleanup
    projects. This not only helped to restore the environment, but to build bridges to our
    outside community as well.
  • On Monday, we had a presentation on “Bringing Green into Your Home,” to help us
    remember all the little and big things we can do to be more sustainable.
  • On Tuesday, we had several activities, including an early morning bird identification
    walk, a lecture entitled “Bringing Nature into Your Backyard,” and an evening
    presentation, “A Century of National Parks,” given by the National Park Service Ranger
    at the Pullman National Park in Chicago.
  • Wednesday included a talk, “Learn about the Oaks!” and a trail walk about vegetative
  • Thursday included a recycling event for electronics, batteries, and glasses and a habitat
    walk, including the wetlands, woodlands, and grasslands that are all within our campus
    borders. Our student environmental club, Students Organizing for Sustainability (S.O.S.),
    had a noontime activity offering bamboo plants for students.
  • Friday’s talk was on “The Benefits of Trees,” with a commemorative tree planting and

Special results of this busy week were that, besides learning so much about our campuses and
environmental issues, our students were able to work collaboratively with professionals and
community members.